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HeadLine Section Date
DA says man killed dog after mental break: Family finds Jack Russell terrier burned in backyard barbecue Local News 04/18/2014 5:00:00
Trend persists of prisons as mental health housing State/National/World 04/15/2014 5:00:00
Poll: Three-fourths of U.S. says pot will be legal State/National/World 04/03/2014 5:00:00
Congress raises pressure on CIA in torture dispute State/National/World 03/21/2014 5:00:00
Congress raises pressure on CIA in torture dispute State/National/World 03/21/2014 5:00:00
Corrections system in need of reform Opinion/Letters 03/08/2014 5:00:00
California ‘lifers’ leaving prison at record pace State/National/World 02/26/2014 5:00:00
Plan to divide California into six states advances Local News 02/21/2014 5:00:00
OP-ED: Clock ticking as state works on crowded prisons Opinion/Letters 02/14/2014 5:00:00
Judges give state two years to cut prison crowding State/National/World 02/11/2014 5:00:00
California first state to recognize that gangmembers can change State/National/World 02/01/2014 5:00:00
Report: Recidivism fell before prison realignment State/National/World 01/16/2014 5:00:00
Budget details for California prison, jail spending State/National/World 01/10/2014 5:00:00
Budget highlights State/National/World 01/10/2014 5:00:00
Prison secretary seeks delay in inmate court order State/National/World 01/09/2014 5:00:00
Brown’s budget proposes paying down state debt State/National/World 01/09/2014 5:00:00
State inmate isolation case goes to judge State/National/World 12/20/2013 5:00:00
Judges extend deadline for inmate reduction State/National/World 12/12/2013 5:00:00
California attorney general targets recidivism State/National/World 11/21/2013 5:00:00
Automatic spending cuts would bite more in 2014 Business 11/12/2013 5:00:00
OP-ED: Fix obvious flaws in prison realignment Opinion/Letters 11/09/2013 5:00:00
Approach for prison reform varies by area: Stanford study: San Mateo a ‘poster county’ for ‘more punitive approach’ Local News 11/09/2013 5:00:00
Judge to decide treatment of mentally ill inmates State/National/World 11/08/2013 5:00:00
Study urges changes to prison realignment law State/National/World 11/02/2013 5:00:00
Health reforms could help California prison spending State/National/World 10/30/2013 5:00:00
State prison crowding deadline extended one month State/National/World 10/22/2013 5:00:00
Report: California prison investigations slipping State/National/World 10/17/2013 5:00:00
OP-ED: Restorative justice — what is that? Opinion/Letters 10/05/2013 5:00:00
California to ask judges to delay inmate releases State/National/World 09/17/2013 5:00:00
Brown lands key victories for his party State/National/World 09/14/2013 5:00:00
Assembly passes bill to avoid early inmate release State/National/World 09/12/2013 5:00:00
State Senate OKs condoms for prison inmates State/National/World 09/10/2013 5:00:00
Leaders seek to avoid early inmate releases State/National/World 09/10/2013 5:00:00
Minimum wage, guns, fracking bills face lawmakers State/National/World 09/09/2013 5:00:00
Prison hunger strike ends after hearings promised State/National/World 09/06/2013 5:00:00
Senate panel backs plan to increase prison rehab State/National/World 09/05/2013 5:00:00
Prison plans expose rift with key California Democrats State/National/World 08/30/2013 5:00:00
Democrats sparing over plan to reduce California inmate count State/National/World 08/29/2013 5:00:00
Brown proposes $315M prison fix State/National/World 08/28/2013 5:00:00
California governor proposes $315M prison fix Breaking News 08/27/2013 5:00:00
Counties seek to reduce re-offense rate State/National/World 08/26/2013 5:00:00
U.S. judge approves force-feeding California inmates State/National/World 08/20/2013 5:00:00
States revisit mandatory sentences for juveniles State/National/World 08/19/2013 5:00:00
OP-ED: Why are celebrities aiding prison gang leaders? Opinion/Letters 08/16/2013 5:00:00
State Senate votes to end loophole in old rape law State/National/World 08/16/2013 5:00:00
Holder goes after mandatory federal drug sentences State/National/World 08/13/2013 5:00:00
High court won’t delay release of state inmates State/National/World 08/03/2013 5:00:00
OP-ED: A California crime wave? Or anomaly? Opinion/Letters 08/01/2013 5:00:00
California finds too few inmates for early release State/National/World 07/20/2013 5:00:00
Former state governors back Brown in prison case State/National/World 07/16/2013 5:00:00
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