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Letter: Sale of our common wealth
April 04, 2013, 05:00 AM Letter

The citizens of our nation are being robbed of a decent standard of living and of our long-held domestic programs like welfare, education, pensions, public parks and properly maintained transit and infrastructure, which are being cut to the chant of "Austerity!" As we fall farther into a major and long lasting depression, the only segment of our economy recovering is the banking "industry" that produces nothing but debt. They are doing just swell because our federal government is making regular gifts to them of trillions of dollars with no strings attached.

What we the citizens own as our common wealth is our parks, schools, community hospitals and post offices, and now they are being put up for grabs to the wealthy and greedy few. No longer can we go to the museum without paying, or to a national park or a local beach. We have to pay to use what belongs to us. The current attack on City College in San Francisco is an example of the wave of "privatization" of our common wealth. That which belongs to us all is being sold to wealthy individuals.

Regarding the story, "City seeks more control on post office plan" in the April 3 edition of the Daily Journal, if that public building, now held in our common wealth, is bigger than is needed by the post office, some other public agency can use the space in the public interest. The nearby parking lot is our common wealth as well and must not be sold to cause us the expense of building a two-level parking structure and a new post office "somewhere in the area." Better yet, don't sell our post office. We must protect our common wealth.

Patricia Gray


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