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Letter: Coastside recall election
March 14, 2013, 05:00 AM Letter


Often the true reasons behind actions by politicians can be determined by the very old, but still valid rule, "follow the money."

Why would some politicians want to do away with a provider of good service, replacing it with one that is much more expensive and will probably provide poorer service?

Could it be that these politicians have no control over the hiring and firing of staff at the existing service provider, while they will control a number of very highly paid jobs at their new stand-alone department. These jobs come complete with pay and fringe benefits that most workers with only high school diplomas can only dream about, not to mention very generous pensions. The large amounts of pay and benefits and the huge pension obligation will have to be paid by coastside residents.

There will, of course, likely be a chief, as well as captains and lieutenants galore in this new organization. Is it possible that family and friends of these politicians could end up in some of these plush new jobs that would be controlled by the politicians?

According to "Fire recall election under way," in the March 12 edition of the Daily Journal, the San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury, a non-partisan body that looks out for the welfare of all county residents, "praised Cal Fire's service and stated that the effort to re-establish a fire department to serve the coast was ill-advised."

The choice seems clear to someone who has watched Bay Area local politics for more than 30 years -- Recall the politicians who want to do away with an efficient, well-run department that is providing good service at a reasonable cost. Or, vote to keep them and pay much more for a less good service.

Jerry Terstiege

Foster City

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