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Letter: 'You poop, everyone else should pay for it'
February 26, 2013, 05:00 AM Letter


Suzan Getchell-Wallace, a real estate salesperson (AKA: Realtor), says, in her guest perspective "Belmont wants to stop the sale of your home," in the Feb. 23-24 issue of The Daily Journal, that the proposal by the Belmont City Council to require the private property owners to be responsible for the inspection, maintenance and repair of the lateral sewer lines that reach from the private property to the city-owned sewer lines, is wrong. Ms. Getchell-Wallace, who makes a comfortable living selling other peoples' property, is against anything that will prevent her from making a sale and receiving the full amount of her commission.

She says this proposal is a "point-of-sale mandate," since the proposal requires the property owners to "replace their sewer laterals when they sell their home." Clearly, this statement alone demonstrates the fact that Ms. Getchell-Wallace is only interested in the sale of the property. The city proposal is actually the "responsibility of the property owner" and a "full disclosure" of the condition of the lateral sewer line, prior to the completion of the sales of the property. This is the same type of full disclosure that the state of California requires people who sell an automobile in this state, that the owner is required to have the vehicle currently registered and smogged at the time of sale. It's called responsibility. Ms. Getchell-Wallace's opinion that "you poop, everyone else should pay for it," but not the property owner, so I can make a sale and commission, is selfish, to say the least.

Michael R. Oberg

San Mateo

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