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OP-ED: And in this corner ...
January 19, 2013, 05:00 AM By Christopher P. Conway

I would like to introduce Daily Journal readers to a civil rights attorney by the name of Robert Rubin. In the event you don't know who he is I think it would be a good idea for you to get to know him. He and his high-powered, left-leaning Lawyers Committee to Civil Rights is suing the county of San Mateo at the moment. The reason he is suing our county is the fact that we used to hold our elections using an at large voting system when electing our county supervisors. At large worked great as every voter in the county got a vote in selecting every supervisor seeking office. Citizens were happy and satisfied with the leadership over the years as we were doing better financially than most every other county in the state. Apparently, at-large elections discriminated against Asians and Latinos as they could not get someone of their own race elected as a county supervisor. So, six local people from three separate minority groups partnered with Rubin and his group and sued the county claiming it was discriminatory and violated the California Voting Rights. County supervisors understandably crumbled in the face of this suit as no politician wants to be a defendant in a civil rights lawsuit. It's a no-win situation. Rubin and his team of civil rights attorneys know this and use our court system to their advantage and get local and state municipalities to cave to their liberal demands.

As you may know, the matter went to a vote and the county unfortunately is now required to have district elections. I don't think that the electorate realized that they were voting to decrease their power as a voter by limiting the amount of supervisors they could choose. In the past, you were able to vote for all five county supervisors running for office but now you can only vote for the one supervisor in your smaller district. Seemed like a dilution of voter choice to me and an absolute terrible deal for those of us who like more choice, not less. Nonetheless, Mr. Rubin won and got what he wanted, problem solved right?

Wrong. Mr. Rubin and his group of out-of-town (San Francisco) attorneys refuse to give up their lawsuit and, through the threat of continued litigation, are determined to be a leading force in guaranteeing districts get carved up to benefit the various minority groups they supported in the original lawsuit. It is a divide-and-conquer agenda that they have been very effective at over the years. You need to look no further than his work in reversing Proposition 187, the very popular state proposition that passed in 1994 with 59 percent of the vote. This was an example of his use of our courts to reverse laws passed by the majority of voters but then successfully overruled by our court system. The problem this time is he has got a hold of our county and he is not about to let it go.    

Mr. Rubin and his colleagues have made a career out of bullying local and state governments through the use of our costly judicial system all in the name of civil rights. These is money our state and local governments don't have and can't afford. I thought you all might like to get to know a little about Mr. Rubin. He is suing you and your county right now.

Christopher P. Conway is a sixth generation Californian and a third generation Peninsula resident. He attended Serra High School in San Mateo and has a finance degree from San Diego State University. He has been an independent mortgage professional for the past 22 years. He lives in San Mateo.

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